Well, welcome to our new website, fully equipped with a blog, gallery and all the lovely things one would expect to see on the site of a fledgling theatre company. We’re very excited to have this up and running and would like to thank Paul Howls for his brilliant design, technical expertise and patience.

We’ve been hard at work this summer, trying out the first stage of our production, Square One in various venues, including attending a number of festivals to try the piece out in different settings and locations. We’ve had a lot of fun, some brilliant feedback and have learnt a lot, both about our style and how we’d like to develop the piece in future incarnations. We feel very lucky that we have worked with some brilliant people – actors, writers, movement directors – who have helped us to shape the initial vision for Square One into a strong beginning of what we hope will be a great piece of theatre. The big question is: is it site specific? Is it street theatre? Or is it an indefinable mash-up of different things that is rather hard to pin down? We don’t know yet but we’re looking forward to the next phase of the project where we find out (hopefully!) the answers to this and other crucial questions.

See you on the road to Square Two!


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