Aaah, autumn!

As the weather starts to turn its thoughts to cold and dark (although it seems to have been like this for a while) it’s time to plant and prepare for when spring comes around again to make us all smile. Forgive me if this all a bit Monty-Don-ish but we are metaphorically cutting back our borders, clearing our gutters and sharpening the secateurs in readiness for some brilliant blooming next year.
After a very successful summer trying out ideas for our public spaces/street theatre/flashmob show Square One, we’ve put away the helium, sandwich board and butterflies and we’re getting everything in place to burst into 2012 with a full head of steam. (Let me know if there are too many metaphors going on here. Just so I know you’re keeping up: Misrule is a garden. And a train. How many unnecessary metaphors can you spot children?)
So, at the moment we are starting work on funding bids, approaching potential partners and developing the show itself. Our brilliant writer, Frog Stone, is coming over for dinner on Wednesday to discuss the emergence from the chrysalis (Misrule as caterpillar/butterfly) of Square One. We have lots of ideas about how to develop the piece but two main questions recur: How to make the world of the play clear with no set to speak of, and how to raise the stakes for the characters. One of the things we discovered this year was that we need to be really sure why the characters have followed the mystery map they have acquired, and what they need a solution to. Then of course we need to communicate this to our audience.
So, lots to think about, and to put in place in order to make 2012 a big success. Months of apparent inactivity disguise our desire to make sure every step is perfectly in place before moving on in order to try and cement the long-term viability of the company. We are working hard to lay the foundations of what will hopefully grow into a magnificent edifice.
(Did you spot the final metaphors? Misrule as tortoise not hare. Misrule as house, maybe even palace. Exciting stuff, eh? Must ration metaphor use in future though.)


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