Yikes, so long since last blog!

So, it’s been a while since we blogged, which is a bit naughty… but it does mean that we’ve got lots of lovely news to update you on.

Looking back on our last post here, it’s really interesting to see how far we’ve come with Square One, with clear ideas now for a ‘set’ (we’re using inverted commas because it’s not really a set in any traditional sense of the word, but then if it was traditional it wouldn’t be the Misrule way – we plough our own special furrow) and a strong story with a despicable villain and some real jeopardy for the characters. We’re fresh out of a period of R&D on the piece and have addressed a lot of the problems that we identified in the autumn, working with Frog and a great group of actors.

We’ve been very busy here at Misrule HQ, with funding applications flying from our fingers, new friendships forged and plenty of fish in the fryer (sorry got a bit carried away with the alliteration there!). As promised, we’ve been putting together a tour of Square One for summer 2012, with lots of venues on board already and a few more to secure, keep your eyes peeled for some surprise theatre in a space near you soon – well, near you if you live in Manchester or Lewisham, if you don’t you will have to travel to see our marvellous show. Check back here for dates, times and venues.

We’ve also been seeing a lot of work by other companies, which is informing our process for Square One. We’ve been particularly interested to see a lot of the Globe to Globe season at Shakespeare’s Globe, with companies from all over the world coming to London to perform Shakespeare’s plays in their own languages. Our favourite so far is Venue and Adonis by the inimitable Isango Ensemble from South Africa, performing the poem in 6 South African languages including IsiXhosa, SoSotho, Setswana and Afrikaans with music, song (jaw-dropping voices soaring through the air) and dance. This brilliant piece of theatre was a masterclass in non-verbal storytelling, with every gesture and movement clear and nothing wasted. This is particularly interesting to us at the moment as we’ve been awarded a grant by Lewisham Arts Service to work with a local deaf and hard of hearing group, specifically looking at our non-verbal storytelling, so watching shows where you don’t understand the language really highlights what works and what audiences need in order to fully enjoy the journey.

We’ve also got the second Footloose and Fancy Free cabaret coming up soon on 19th May at Theatre Peckham. The first one was such a huge success that we thought we’d better give in to the pressure and hold a second event! We’re currently booking acts to appear and will be announcing the line-up soon. The evening starts at 7pm and tickets are £10 in advance or £12 on the door, email us at info@misruletheatre.co.uk to reserve your tickets. See you there!


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